Honey Cake – New Addiction for Kerala

honey cake india

Who doesn’t like a nice, sweet, and tasty dessert? There’s a new thing lively trending in Kerala now. Something that defines ‘deliciousness’, something that invokes your taste buds and something that demands to be tasted. A new addiction for Kerala, all the way from Russia to the Kerala shores, honey cake is creating the fuss among Keralites. Generally, Keralites are relishers of good taste. They are explorers of varieties. So, what unique about honey cake could’ve attracted them? 

Descending from ancient Russia, the honey cake has become people’s favorite across Kerala today. There’s an interesting history about the birth of Russian honey cakes talked about in the Russian tradition. And most probably, the people who enjoy honey cakes aren’t really aware of this history. According to Russian tradition, the honey cake was firstly made in the 19th-century Russian empire at the emperor’s palace. A newly appointed chef at the palace was trying to impress the empress Elizabeth Alexeievna by cooking a delicious masterpiece, with its layers filled with caramelized honey. He was totally unaware that the empress hated any dish made of honey and he served her the dish. Much to the surprise, it turned out that the empress fell in love with the dish, marking the birth of Russian honey cakes. From that time to today, honey cakes have seen changes in both flavours and taste. But it hasn’t deviated a single step from the taste of its legacy that honey cakes proffer.

It hasn’t been much longer since medovik honey cakes have set foot in Kerala. But you all know how much interest it has gathered from the Kerala folks within this short period of time. Its structure, with a creamy caramelized honey spread between the sponge layers pushes you into a lustful world of taste. It has everything that a typical Keralite would search for in dishes; an aesthetic look, demanding taste, and different flavours. It has become people’s favourite, exploring their taste fantasies and making them addicted to the essence of honey. Keralites have accepted it with open arms. Its step-like layers, mouth-watering cream, and melting cake have caught the love of the Kerala people. What more to say, Russian honey cake has now etched its name among the favourites list.

Hive honey cake is one of the leading honey cake brands in India producing high quality Medovik honey cakes in 3 different flavours. It has only been a short time since Hive arrived in Kerala, but has already won the hearts of the Kerala people. With great enthusiasm, Hive now leads the front of honey cake brands in Kerala and has fixed its name in the Kerala land.