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A single slice of Russian honey cake, created by Hive, elegantly presented on a plate. The cake is accompanied by two forks, ready to indulge in this scrumptious delight.

Hive Russian Honey Cake,
A sweet treat for all

Hive Honey Cake,
A sweet treat for all occasion

Bringing the traditional Russian treat to India, Honey Cake has successfully introduced the immaculate Russian Honey Cake from the 19th century. As the premier manufacturers of this luscious fusion in the Middle East, our dedicated bakers at Hive Cake have devoted weeks, nights, and days to recreating this flawless dessert. The result is a masterpiece that perfectly aligns with the Russian taste and structure, capturing the essence of this beloved confection. Furthermore, throughout the entire process, Hive’s venture to reimagine this delightful confection with the expertise of a Russian chef has been nothing short of extraordinary. Moreover, we take pride in our ability to furnish a taste that cannot be matched for generations to come, making Hive’s Russian Honey Cake an unparalleled culinary experience.

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A tempting slice of Russian honey cake, expertly prepared by Hive, showcased on a plate. Additionally, two cups of honey are placed nearby, adding a touch of sweetness to the composition

Hive Honey Cake

Russian Honey Cake by Hive, traditionally known as Medovik, not only accords you the heavenly bite harmonized perfectly with the finest honey and dairy but also serves as the introductory and primary dish under the Hive menu. Moreover, originated in Russia in the 19th century, Hive meticulously fused every possible solution to form the perfect dessert, which corresponds precisely to its earliest Russian dainty.
Three individual servings of Russian honey coffee cakes in shades of red and white, placed on a plate. The cakes are accompanied by two forks, showcasing the delectable treats created by Hive

Hive Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake is a delectable creation featuring layers of coffee-infused cake with a honey touch, elegantly frosted. Additionally, indulge in the richness of Hive’s Russian Coffee Cake, a luscious layered dessert that satisfies your taste buds with delightful sweetness. Moreover, multiple layers reveal a creamy coffee filling, completing this heavenly confection. Furthermore, it is a must-try for coffee enthusiasts!

A tantalizing slice of Russian saffron honey cake, skillfully prepared by Hive, elegantly presented on a plate. This aromatic delicacy features a perfect balance of saffron-infused sponge cake, complemented by a luscious honey drizzle, creating a unique and delightful culinary experience

Hive Saffron Cake

Experience the extraordinary Saffron Russian Honey Cake, exclusively curated by Hive’s talented in-house bakers. Moreover, this delightful addition to our menu showcases the finest handpicked saffron, infusing each layer with a captivating flavor. Furthermore, indulge in the harmonious blend of saffron and creamy caramel filling, elevating this dessert to new heights of culinary bliss.

Hive Pistachio Cake

Savor the irresistible delight of Hive’s Pistachio Cake, a delectable dessert that skillfully blends rich, nutty pistachio flavors with a moist, tender cake base. Additionally, infused with finely ground pistachios, the vibrant green cake emits an alluring aroma, enticing the senses. Moreover, each slice features a creamy pistachio frosting, perfectly balancing sweetness and nuttiness. Furthermore, experience pistachio perfection at Hive.

What Our Customers Says

russian honey cake
Aravind Varghese

Tried the Hive Russian Honey Cake from Ajfan Kottayam! I can vouch for one thing, the hive is undisputedly the best honey cake brand in the world! The extraordinary quality of the Hive Honey Cake is what truly sets it apart. The use of premium ingredients and meticulous craftsmanship are evident in every way. This culinary marvel was created with great care and passion.

medovik honey cake
Cake house

The taste of Hive Russian Honey Cake is beyond what I can explain! It tastes so yummy and sweet! If you are looking for honey cake in India, Hive Honey Cake is your go-to place! I can't express how much I love the Hive Honey Cake. It has evolved into my go-to dessert for special occasions, family get-togethers, and indulgent moments. It never fails to impress and leaves a lasting impression on everyone who wants to taste it.

hive honey cake kerala
Jawahir Shamsudheen

I just got the Hive Honey Cake! No words! Such a delicious-tasting honey cake! I was instantly transported to a realm of pure indulgence with the first bite itself. The cake was moist, tender, and infused with a distinct honey flavour. Every bite was a symphony of sweet and aromatic notes, perfectly balanced to create a heavenly experience for my taste buds. Hopefully, I will be ordering more Hive Honey Cakes in the future.

honey cake india

Tried the Hive Saffron Honey Cake today! Absolutely loved its cream and honey-filled layers, truly a classic medovik! I was constantly on the lookout for unique and exquisite treats as I am an avid lover of desserts. This Hive Honey Cake truly exceeded all my expectations. It becomes an instant crowd-pleaser, sparking conversations and leaving a lasting impression whenever I share it with friends and family. I recommend this to anyone who appreciates exquisite desserts crafted with love.

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The Hive Honey Cake is not considered vegetarian as it contains eggs as one of its ingredients. Egg are used in the cake to contribute to its texture, moisture, and overall taste. We understand that dietary preferences and restrictions vary among individuals and we strive to provide options to accommodate diverse needs

The shelf life of Hive Honey Cake is  10 days. It is important to store the cake in a chilled environment at a temperature between 0 to 5 degrees Celsius to ensure its freshness and quality. Refrigeration helps to prolong the cake's shelf life and maintain its taste and texture. We recommend consuming the cake within the specified shelf life for the best culinary experience.

Unfortunately, at this time, we do not offer customization or personalization options for our honey cakes. We understand the desire to add a personal touch to your special occasions and celebrations. However, we believe in maintaining the highest standards of quality and consistency in our honey cakes, which limits our ability to accommodate specific customization requests. 

We appreciate your understanding and encourage you to explore our range of honey cakes. We are confident that you will find a honey cake that suits your occasion and brings joy to your celebrations.

Yes, Hive Honey Cake offers distributorship opportunities. If you are interested in becoming a distributor for Hive Honey Cake, please contact us via email(hivefoodsindia@gmail.com) Including your name, contact information, and any relevant details about your business or distribution experience.  Our dedicated team will provide you with further information and guidance on the process.

We appreciate your interest in partnering with Hive Honey Cake and look forward to exploring potential collaboration opportunities with you.

Hive Honey Cake is available in the following flavours of Classic Hive Honey Cake, Hive Coffee Cake, Hive Saffron Cake, and Hive Pista Cake. 

These flavours have been carefully crafted to enhance the overall taste experience of Hive Honey Cake. Whether you prefer the classic flavour or enjoy the more adventurous options, there is a flavour to suit every palate.

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Bakers at Hive work to their full extent to carefully secure and not compromise the ultimate Russian honey cake. Furthermore, we sell thousands of Honey Cakes every day, year-round, making Hive the leading Honey Cake manufacturer and distributor in all of the Middle East. Moreover, we now propose home delivery for Hive’s signature dishes in India, ensuring that our customers can enjoy our delectable creations in the comfort of their homes.